Case Study 5
Integrity Coffee Roasting


  • Logo Refining

  • Style Guide

  • Website

  • Product Labels

Integrity Coffee Roasting had a small presence in another state across the country. After relocating to Louisville, they were ready to establish themselves permanently. They were previously working with another designer who had abandoned the project and left them without editable or scalable artwork, and inconsistent logo varieties without guidelines. They were in need of a concrete brand direction to tie together finalized logo files, a completed website, and product labels.

Another goal for their brand was to connect with the local and diverse community and cultures where they've planted their business. 

Filtered Coffee

The existing flag motif that was occasionally used in their original branding material became a symbol to communicate unity among their diverse community -- their coffee shop being a place where everyone was united under one banner. The color scheme remained monochromatic to emphasis the colorful, ethnic labels on their product. Being black and white allowed for them to become a framework to draw focus to the art and talent invited into their facility.

Coffee Stand
Integrity Coffee Bag Label

Thank you for putting us back on the right track!

- Jaime & Black Carlson, Owners