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Bluegrass Sport Dogs


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Bluegrass Sport Dogs is a Kentucky-based breeder of sport-quality Labrador Retriever dogs. They have been in business for about 10 years before we took them on as a client. They had previously been working without any sort of branding or logo development, solely reaching out to potential clients via networking on social media.

We have given them a brand that not only defines the heart of the business, but stands out among other regional dog breeder websites. They have more opportunity now to reach a larger client base and present themselves professionally. A good branding presence is like the initial handshake of a business transaction.

Image by Matthew Daniels

The design goals were to utilize warm, earthy tones to evoke an outdoors, adventurous spirit, focusing on the sport aspect of the business all while keeping the imagery fun and family-friendly for pet clients.

We utilized the motif of a star as a call back to the owner's founding dog, Stella, with whom she began her journey.

Image by Ben Hanson
Case Study 1

We are very pleased with how everything turned out. We finally look legitimate!

- Kristen Pardo, Owner & Breeder